Collection 83: A Tisket, A Tasket

Biographies update

I've updated the Biographies page again. All biographies have now been merged into a single PDF file which I will update and expand over time.

This expanded file includes some new names such as Desiree Cousteau, Karen Lancaume, Veronica Hart, Laure Sainclair, Kelly Stafford, Yvonne, Tracey Adams and Debi Diamond. Some obviously fall outside the timeline of this blog. It's over 500 pages long and includes hundreds of photographs.

Future updates will include the biographies of Anne Magle, Amber Lynn, Arcadia Lake, Lisa De Leeuw, Rene Bond, Samantha Fox and Taylor Wayne. I just have to finish writing them!

All biographies are unofficial. They are based on my own research using existing publications and interviews. Any mistakes are my fault.

The password as always is gfox. 
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