PP2097: The Shooter

Profile: Darby Lloyd Rains

Aka: Tara Holland, Debbie Rainier, Rachel Brenda, Melanie Daniels
Date of Birth: 1948
Place of Birth: New York, USA
Porn Debut: 1971

Mein Kunt 6: Forced To Suck

Mistral 26: Office Affair

Profile: Cara Lott

Aka: Mona Carr, Cara Davis, Kara Lott, Julie Winchester
Real Name: Pamela Grace Weston
Date of Birth: 06/08/1961
Place of Birth: California, USA
Porn Debut: 1981

LtdEd144: Stretch Me

Profile: Tara Aire

Aka: Tara Air, Tara, Bobbi Jackson, Bobby Jackson, Tara Hupp
Date of Birth: 08/02/1958
Place of Birth: Missouri, USA
Porn Debut: 1980

Fling 6: Victim Of Pleasure

Biographies update v2

I've updated the Biographies page again.

The new PDF file includes Anne Magle (11 pages), Marilyn Jess (13 pages) and Olivia Del Rio (11 pages).

I've also expanded and tweaked some of the others, especially Brigitte Maier, Leslie Bovee and Terri Hall. Total length is now about 550 pages with hundreds of photographs.

All biographies are unofficial. They are based on my own research using existing publications and interviews. Any mistakes are my fault.

The password as always is gfox. 

Candida Royalle R.I.P. (1950-2015)

Candida Royalle died age 65, on Monday 7 September, at her home in Mattituck, Long Island, after a long illness. Candida had suffered for years from recurrent bouts of ovarian cancer.

ST6: Lost to Lust

Profile: Veronica Hart

Aka: Randee Styles, Veronica Holt, Victoria Hart
Real Name: Jane Hamilton
Date of Birth: 27/10/1956
Place of Birth: Nevada, USA
Porn Debut: 1980

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