SC106: Wrong Number

Profile: Sharon Kane

Aka: Elizabeth Loy, Shirley McGuire, Alice Wray, Jennifer Walker, Jennifer Holmes, Sheri Vaughan, Sharon Maiberg
Real Name: Sharon Louise Cain
Date of Birth: 24/02/1956
Place of Birth: Ohio, USA
Porn Debut: 1978

B512: Licorice Lesbian

Profile: Frédérique Barral

Aka: Lysia Cherr

Date of Birth: 31/01/1952

Place of Birth: Paris, France

Porn Debut: 1973

LB347: Hooked

Profile: Françoise Beccarie

Aka: Véronique Visier, Chouky Crack

Real Name: Françoise Beccarie (younger sister of Claudine Beccarie)

Date of Birth: 1957

Place of Birth: Créteil, France

Porn Debut: 1974

CSV: Liebesnest in San Franzisko

Seka: Official Autobiography Review

For as long as I can remember Seka has been talking about writing her autobiography... but the years went by and it never materialised. Now it's finally been released. Was it worth the wait? Furthermore, should we care about a porn star that made her last forgettable movie way back in 1993?

I approached this book with an open mind. Most people like to big themselves up when it comes to putting pen to paper and a lot of ex-porn stars tend to reinterpret the past to suit their needs (check out the autobiographies of Linda Lovelace, Traci Lords or Hyapatia Lee to see what I mean). Furthermore, Seka was a pretty divisive character. People either loved or hated her. So what’s the book like?

Profile: Young Twins


Place of Birth: Florida, USA

Porn Debut: 1976

Place of Birth: Florida, USA

Porn Debut: 1975

SS10: Down Under

SoS12: Painful Threesome!

Profile: Annie Sprinkle

Aka: Annie Sands

Real Name: Ellen Steinberg

Date of Birth: 27/07/1954

Place of Birth: Pennsylvania, USA

Porn Debut: 1974

PF-5A6: Piss World 1

Profile: Kandi Barbour

Aka: Andrea Beck, Linda Jean Smith
Real Name: Kandie Lou Dotson
Date of Birth: 15/02/1959
Place of Birth: Alabama, USA
Date of Death: 26/01/2012
Porn Debut: 1978

Profile: Jennifer West

Aka: Sally Ballgargle, Sally Sag, Tina Ross, C.C. Malone, Sally Swift

Date of Birth: 28/07/1947

Place of Birth: USA

Porn Debut: 1978
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